Envision Telepharmacy was established in 2004 to provide better ways for hospitals and health care systems to extend pharmacy services. We are pioneers in developing products, services and systems that provide electronic supervision and remote order processing through high-bandwidth, standards-based web technology, still imaging, and high resolution video.

Access to a pharmacist at any location and time is critical to safe medication use in health care systems. Today, challenges regarding access include nationwide pharmacist shortages, regulatory and accreditation pressures, and cost constraints. Enabling and realizing safe, quality patient care and pharmacist access through the use of compliant and cost-effective telepharmacy products, services and systems is the mission of Envision Telepharmacy.

First deployed to extend pharmacy hours in small-hospital environments, Envision products and services quickly established their potential to improve pharmacy workflow and efficiency in many health care environments. Envision products, services and solutions are in wide application, helping manage remote branches for large health care systems and providing better oversight of pharmacy operations for large hospitals with pharmacies dispersed throughout their campus.

For the latest news on our company, see http://www.envision-rx.com/about-us/press-releases.